our mission.

MMoA - The Modern Museum of Art focuses on the love stories of the artist... 
the struggles, the triumphs, the adventures, the sex, the quirks,

the madness and the mystery that made and still make them so unique.

Revolutionizing the way that the story of modern and contemporary art is presented to the public.

Rather than focusing on single works of art, with almost no reference, but a name,

to the creator of the work, how or why it was made. 


Understanding what was going on in the life of the artist, where they were in the world,

what type of space they were in, how he or she arrived at the moment a work was created

and what the artists influences, energies and mindset we’re at the time a piece was made,

we can better see the work of art for what it is, why it exists and how it came to be in the first place. 



Let's discuss the possibilities!

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Meticulously Curated by MMoA's Founder, Contemporary Artist, Pascó.

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